About Things When You Work at a Entertainment World and Interesting Facts

Some of you may be curious, what are the majors in college that can work at a TV station or World Entertainment? The reason is, it is often heard that the only college majors who can work at TV stations are Broadcasting and Communication Studies.

In fact, there are so many majors that you can choose from, if you want to work at a TV station. Starting from Communication Studies, Multimedia to Photography.

Entertainment World

All these majors, of course, are needed in almost all TV stations. Therefore, for those of you who have skills, interests and talents in one of these majors, you can immediately focus on it so that later you can work at a TV station.

But besides that, there are several other majors that you can also choose if you want to work at a TV station. Curious about anything? Come on, see the full review below!

Interesting Facts about Working at a TV Station

The first thing you need to know before discussing further about college majors that can work at a TV station, is the interesting fact of working at a TV station.

Most people might think that working at a TV station is fun. Because, you will manage exciting programs and meet many famous artists.

In fact, when working at a TV station there are many things that you have to sacrifice, such as resting time, playing and so on.

Apart from that, there are many other things you need to know, and all of them will be explained in full in the following interesting facts about working at a TV station.

Uncertain working hours

As mentioned earlier, if you work on TV you have to sacrifice many things, one of which is time, be it rest or play time.

The reason is, the working time on TV is uncertain. You can work like an ordinary office employee, which is 8 hours or even work 24 hours which requires you to stay at the office.

For people who are not passionate in this field, they may feel very burdened with working time.

Because, you are required to always be ready to work at any time, be it in the morning, afternoon or evening and early morning.

Not only that, your readiness and dedication will be tested, when you receive news that there is a sudden incident that can be used as breaking news.

When that happens, then you definitely have to come to the scene for coverage, both at work and during holidays, which should be a time for you to rest.

The salary of each TV station is different

Looking at the time and workload described in the previous discussion, you might think that the salaries of TV station employees are big.

But in fact, the salary of each TV station is different, like companies in general. There are TV stations that pay their employees “more decent” wages, but there are also TV stations that still pay their employees with minimal wages, or not in accordance with the hard work given.

This may be the consideration of most people. However, if you are passionate in this field and have already entered it, then you should understand and accept it, because the salary given must be in accordance with the agreement.

Moreover, the media industry itself is not yet so advanced, like the industries of other countries. So, all choices and decisions come back to you.

Often work with famous artists

An interesting fact of working at the next TV station is that you will often meet and work with famous artists.

For the common people, this may be a very desirable thing. But you can easily meet many artists, one of whom may be your idol.

Feel very happy when the program is run successfully

The last interesting fact of working at a TV station is that you will feel very happy if the program you run with the team is successful and has great success.

The program could be said to be very booming at that time, because it managed to entertain and invite the laughter of millions of people, who watched the program in the middle of their meal.

Just imagine, if you are one of the crew of the program, you will definitely be very happy because the program you are running is a great success, and is liked by many people.

Thus, all the hard work you and your team have worked so far has paid off, because the program that has been run so far has been loved by many people.