Seven arts

art and entertainment

Showing how stories are used to pass the time and entertain an audience of travellers, Chaucer used pilgrims in his literary work The Canterbury Tales within the 14th century, as did Wu Cheng’en in the 16th century in Journey to the West. Even although journeys can now be accomplished much faster, stories are still advised to passengers en route in vehicles and aeroplanes either orally or delivered by some form of expertise.

The Difference Between Art and Entertainment

The end product isn’t the principal goal in this case, however quite a means of therapeutic, through inventive acts, is sought. The resultant piece of paintings can also supply insight into the troubles experienced by the topic and may suggest appropriate approaches for use in more typical types of psychiatric remedy. Art could seek to convey a few explicit emotion or mood, for the aim of enjoyable or entertaining the viewer.

Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Part 1 Media, Industry, Society. The introduction of television altered the availability, price, variety and quality of entertainment merchandise for the general public and the convergence of on-line leisure is having an analogous impact. For instance, the chance and popularity of person-generated content material, as distinct from commercial product, creates a “networked viewers mannequin [that] makes programming obsolete”. Individuals and companies use video hosting companies to broadcast content material that is equally accepted by the public as reliable leisure.

This artwork is made to help visualize & design characters, sets, props, outfits/makeup, and anything wanted for a big media venture. Splendid government buildings, public monuments, television commercials, and music movies all harness the power of art to affect motion and opinion. Before the advent of the photography within the nineteenth century, artists and illustrators have been our only supply of information about the visible appearance of anything. by offering a visual account of an occasion or an individual, or by expressing an opinion, artists ha shaped not solely the best way folks understand their own world but in addition how their culture is viewed by others.

One of essentially the most well-known venues within the Western world, the Colosseum, “devoted AD80 with 100 days of games, held fifty thousand spectators,” and in it audiences “enjoyed blood sport with the trimmings of stage shows”. Spectacles, competitions, races, and sports have been once offered on this purpose-built arena as public entertainment. New stadia continue to be built to go well with the ever more subtle requirements of worldwide audiences. Be it a composer, musician , singer, designer , painter and dancer.

Card games, corresponding to whist, poker and Bridge have lengthy been performed as evening leisure among associates. For these games, all that’s wanted is a deck of enjoying cards. Other video games, such as bingo, played with numerous strangers, have been organised to contain the participation of non-gamers by way of gambling.

You can strive entertaining people by telling them some jokes, sing a track, or perhaps share your private work. Movies are the simplest and most common type of leisure that most people in the world devour. And thanks to the web, you’ll be able to simply open your Netflix app and watch your favourite film anyplace, anytime.

Certain art forms, similar to graffiti, may be illegal once they break laws (on this case vandalism). The artistic arts are sometimes divided into extra specific categories, sometimes alongside perceptually distinguishable classes corresponding to media, style, styles, and form. Art type refers back to the components of artwork which are unbiased of its interpretation or significance. Form can also embody visible design rules, similar to association, steadiness, distinction, emphasis, harmony, proportion, proximity, and rhythm.

Components of it embody the Hollywood and Bollywood movie industries, in addition to the cinema of the United Kingdom and all of the cinemas of Europe, together with France, Germany, Spain, Italy and others. The sex trade is one other part of the entertainment business, applying the same forms and media (for example, film, books, dance and different performances) to the event, marketing and sale of sex products on a commercial basis. Although kings, rulers and powerful folks have all the time been in a position to pay for leisure to be supplied for them and in many instances have paid for public leisure, folks generally have made their very own entertainment or when attainable, attended a live performance. Technological developments in the twentieth century meant that leisure could be produced independently of the audience, packaged and sold on a business foundation by an entertainment industry.