Everything you need to know about a Polaroid camera

Polaroid is probably something you have heard of. No wonder, it has been around for a long time. It used to be very popular. If we know anything, it is that what used to be popular is now coming back in a new form. It is retro, but at the same time modern. You get the best of both worlds; how cool is that? However, many people still do not know what Polaroid is, how it works and what you need to do it. Don’t worry, we know all about it. If you can’t share, you can’t multiply, so we’re happy to share that knowledge with you. Today, we are sharing that knowledge in the form of this blog. First we’ll tell you what Polaroid is and then we’ll tell you what you need for your Polaroid camera. We will go into detail about the custom polaroid film and more. Read on if you want to make use of our extensive knowledge on the subject, for free!

How does a Polaroid camera work?

First things first: how does a Polaroid camera work? This is the basic thing to know and should definitely be discussed first. That is what we are going to do with you. A Polaroid camera, like any other camera, lets in light so that it can take a picture. With a Polaroid camera, however, this works a little differently. The light only enters the camera right after you press the button. The darkroom, the chemicals that are sensitive to the incoming light and the rolls of film like the branded instant photo are needed to print these pictures. All the elements are put together and are therefore all needed to create the photo. The result? A photo that is instantly ready and printed in a special way. You now have an authentic memory that you will never forget. Maybe even with a special frame!


We have just mentioned it briefly, but of course you also need the film rolls for your Polaroid camera. This is often, at least that’s what we recommend, in the form of customised photo film or instant branded frames. This gives a unique and fun experience to your photos. You set them apart from the rest of the photos and give them a truly unique, personal touch.