concept of spaceHere we could present that the non-uniform conservation of power leads to the understanding of electron self-interplay downside as well. By literature information [33, 34], the electron mass and spin may be identified with the energy and angular momentum of the electromagnetic self-interaction.

Therefore, house and time variables, carrying the same parts of vitality, have very asymmetric boundaries, which is the driving drive for choice of the path in non-uniform distribution of energy. The energy-matter translation given by relation (9) doesn’t rely time section of vitality conservation and locality of the produced particles, whereas photons-leptons translation takes place in the summary area. Equation (9) could be the discrete translation of power within the type of infinite fluctuations of the background quantum state. It is obvious that in this case there isn’t any natural way for breaking of the continuous symmetry of discrete fluctuations, forming time independent infinite symmetry of matter-antimatter relations. Equation (9) does not reflect the borrowed time within the change of vitality.

The background state of discrete house-timeframe describes quantum level interactions by way of discrete transformation of space-time variables to one another with era of discrete virtual particle-antiparticle pairs. Consumption of power from the background area leads to the formation of the “grain” of the non-virtual house-timeframe with generation of mass, vitality-momentum relation of general relativity and classic physics.

Concept Space

Lotman’s semiosphere is a metaphor, which offers a spatial mannequin for the interpretation of culture. A semiosphere is surrounded by a boundary. Its inner locations are discontinuous and heterogeneous as well as homogeneous in some respects.

In the current paper, we’ll increase our evaluation on non-uniform conservation of energy to point out that the house-time phenomenon arises from the non-uniform conservation of vitality to carry locality of photons within house and time frame. The non-uniform conservation of energy becomes the one purpose for era of mass and gravity within asymmetric boundaries of house-time-frame to get rid of singularities from physical laws. Within non-uniform conservation of energy in area-timeframe we might clarify how house-time, carrying vitality distribution could result in the generation of chargers. The space-time to hold non-uniform conservation of vitality results in the formation of section difference between house and time coordinates which appears within the form of charges. of mannequin (5) describes trade interplay that conjugates with the native house-time frame for era of deterministic path of a particle.

Our idea shows that there isn’t any static Noether’s conservation of vitality [26], and only non-uniform conversion of energy from one form to another can hold conservation principle. The non-invariance of power-mass relation is the only way for conservation of vitality throughout its conversion from one kind to a different, which is carried inside non-uniform space-time frame. This is an alternative approach on the existence of mass and power-mass equivalence for limitation of velocity to the velocity of sunshine. This strategy is different from the relativity idea of improve of relativistic mass with the increase of velocity.

Huge amounts of adverse vitality accumulated inside background space results in the generation of elementary house-time unit, which carries non-uniform vitality conservation within the type of electromagnetic energy. Translation of background uniform energy, accrued within minimum space, to the non-uniform power conservation part generates a non-baryonic heavy particle, which is the precursor of the components of elementary space-timeframe of matter.

This condition corresponds to the state where house-timeframe exist as Planck’s scale unit, carrying energy portion in discrete symmetry. In this case, there isn’t a difference in efficiency of time and space variables.