How to learn Marketing Strategies From the Music Industry

One of the important lessons that can be learned from the music industry is how artists must quickly adapt to all developments. From the world of marketing, music itself can actually provide many valuable lessons for marketers. Maybe not music directly in the sense not from the side of the melody, lyrics or the various elements that can make up a song, but the brand itself can learn from the musicians who are involved in it or even from the music industry itself. Here’s how to learn marketing strategies from music industry:

Music Industry

Stealing attention

Making music is easier than it was a few years ago. Through a variety of computer software, one can already make good quality music that is ready for distribution. It’s not just a matter of production, from the distribution side, musicians have started to be spoiled. With social media, promoting works and stealing the attention of the public seems to be going faster. Therefore, in this wide and tight sea of industry, musicians must really be able to highlight their uniqueness compared to their competitors so they don’t make other people bored because they feel they are listening to monotonous works so they choose to look for other works.

Build brand loyalty

In the music industry, many people think that fans are the same as consumers, but the difference between consumers and fans is that consumers will consume content because they feel it is useful for them. Therefore, marketers can learn from musicians how to reach consumers so that they want to become fans and are loyal to all the works they create. One way to increase community loyalty is to provide a fanbase name from their music-loving community. That way, people don’t feel foreign and feel they have the same identity. And from there finally loyalty is formed because of the feeling of belonging to each other.

Drive action

Many musicians make music with the aim of making their work heard by many people. We need to create unique content, so that it can attract people’s attention. consume what has been presented. It’s not just a matter of good work, nowadays music industry players also have ways to promote songs. This challenge finally made many people interested in participating in listening to the songs that were being promoted.

Content to educate as well as entertain

Nowadays, fans don’t only demand good work, but they also have the desire to know more about their idol. The reason is that currently the story behind a song is important for them to know. Because of this, many artists are now sharing their daily lives by making short videos about how they are recording or things behind the scenes while on tour. This human side also often makes artists more likeable to their fans and makes them even more fanatical. Therefore, one of the things brands can do is to display behind-the-scenes content like what these musicians did. That way people feel they have a closeness with the related brand.