concept of space

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Nevertheless, geography has not as but formulated an explicit and unambiguous definition of geographical area. This fact has had unfavorable consequences for geographical theory, methodology and application. In the hassle of contributing to its elimination we are going to try to define the basic connotations of the concept. Before Einstein’s work on relativistic physics, time and space had been considered as impartial dimensions. Einstein’s discoveries confirmed that as a result of relativity of movement our space and time may be mathematically mixed into one object–spacetime.

From model (5) and Eqs. (10) and (11), it’s followed that photons power may be conserved only through exchange interaction with the non-zero mass particles. By quantum mechanics, two fermion particles can not occupy the same quantum power state.

Many of these are likely to work with the experience of the city generally, striving in the direction of common ideas and the identification of “an essence of urbanism” (Wirth-Nesher 7). But in how far these generalised city buildings intersect and interfere with style-, city-or topic-particular spatial constructions has not yet been discussed in greater detail, and theories that address such multi-layered and complex intersections have but to be developed. The work of the Russian structuralist Jurij M. Lotman incorporates some promising concepts providing a place to begin for investigating the precise, not only the general constructions of urban areas. While his early method to the evaluation of spatial constructions in literary texts quickly turned a standard reference for this matter, his later works on the semiotics of culture, cultural change and evolution have solely recently come into focus (Struktur; Universe; “Semiosphere”). There seems to be a bent to learn the “new” Lotman as indifferent from his earlier work, dismissing the dichotomous structuralist stance of the latter in favour of a extra constructivist reading of the former (see e.g. Andrews; S. K. Frank, Ruhe and Schmitz; Ruhe; Schönle; an exception to that is M.C. Frank, “Die Literaturwissenschaften”, “Sphären”).

Here we could present that the non-uniform conservation of vitality results in the understanding of electron self-interaction downside as well. By literature information [33, 34], the electron mass and spin could be recognized with the vitality and angular momentum of the electromagnetic self-interplay.

If to apply Noether? s theorem to quantum physics, time translational antimatter-matter symmetry must be associated with the conservation of power. However, quantum physics time impartial antimatter-matter annihilation or basic space-time translations want software of steady unlimited assets of power to carry the continual symmetry. Thus, the non-uniform conservation of energy contains the acceleration of area growth in forward course and uniform backward strategy of vitality restoration at the initial state.

At background Planck scale, the house-time seems inside annihilation of area and time phases in the type of matter and antimatter annihilation. This transformation leads to the consumption of photons vitality by generated space-time frame with formation of matter and expansion of it in area-timeframe. In accordance with our idea, spontaneous symmetry breaking is the change of time section to house-timeframe with the technology of mass, carrying discrete conservation of power.

7. Transformation of variables and conservation of power

The paper starts from the position of literary geography and cartography and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the usage of maps as a means of interpretation by using Daša Drndić’s novel Leica Format for example. We conclude that cartographic perspective has to be supplemented with topographical perspective which may tell us more in regards to the constructed nature of house through a variety of social practices and relationships. In the paper we discuss specific urban environment situated at a specific place and time that has its residents, typical locations, and concrete infrastructure. Its representation takes place in a triple mode. At the fundamental level, there’s the city as a given material.

In accordance with our concept, most velocity of sunshine is necessary to hold conservation of vitality, elimination of infinite power and house-time singularity. In addition, the finite most velocity restrict wanted for translation of house-time variables to each other via ∆S/∆t.

The space-time is the product of energy distribution within two phases, which in reverse order is the carrier of energy conservation. The “warping of house-time with energy and matter in it,” instructed by general relativity, is the requirement of cyclic efficiency of space-time for conservation of energy and matter. The left facet of Eq. (3) exhibits addition of change of a place to the preliminary space-time frame within the type of acceleration. The proper aspect of Eq.