concept of spaceThis turns into related e.g. in intercultural studies. The idea of “geographical space” is a relational one. It acquires meaning and sense solely when related to different ideas. The idea of “area” may be conceived as a supplement to things, i.e. substantively conceived objects.

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From model (5) and Eqs. (10) and (eleven), it is adopted that photons vitality could also be conserved only by way of exchange interplay with the non-zero mass particles. By quantum mechanics, two fermion particles can not occupy the same quantum power state.

Our concept means that the legal guidelines of nature comprise easy deterministic formulation of area-time, which holds conservation of energy in a singular way by way of non-spontaneous background translations of space-time phases. The consumption of vitality photons by the house-time matter with the enlargement of house generates backup response, which turns into the origin of gravity. don’t form space-timeframe and do not obey Pauli unique principle and carry out as bosons condensate with the integer spin quantity. Composite fermions with bosonic “face” because of the absence of change interactions, has a efficiency similar to Bose-Einstein bosons condensate, which in the type of superconductive neutral fluid carry power to the background state.

It is the boundary of most velocity. Such an outcome from Eq. (three) on the limitation of most velocity to the velocity of sunshine is totally completely different from ideas of particular relativity. Model (3) describing the rate in relation to the initial local space-time-frame and the relation of the motion power to the initial power content material of a particle within the form of change interplay unifies F/m formulation of basic physics and E/m relation of particular relativity. Model (three) exhibits that if a particle may have velocity equals to the velocity of sunshine, there shall be no acceleration and universe will not bear the change.

three.2 The origin of our representation of area

This Research Group explored modern geometry and the idea of space. Although a divide between historic and fashionable geometry can be framed in different ways, the most useful one may well be the emergence of the consideration of space itself as an object of geometrical investigation. Greek mathematics understood geometry as a study of straight traces, angles, circles and planes, or in additional basic phrases as a science of figures conceived against an amorphous background house whose definition lies outdoors the boundaries of the idea.