Five new blocks for Shell in Egypt. Exploration to start ‘soon’

exploration startThe reported mineralization potentially represents an identical mineralizing construction and hydrothermal system to that discovered by Medgold’s 2018 drilling program at Barje. Medgold’s 2019 drilling program will commence within the area of historic Yugoslav drilling at Liska, and will test for additional mineralization between Liska and Barje.

The party got here throughout Samoyed “wild males” but eventually turned again upon discovering the Kara Sea frozen. In 1596, the States-General provided a excessive reward for anybody who efficiently navigated the Northeast Passage. The Town Council of Amsterdam purchased and outfitted two small ships, captained by Jan Rijp and Jacob van Heemskerk, to seek for the elusive channel, under the command of Barents. They set off on May, and on June found Bear Island and Spitsbergen, sighting its northwest coast.

In the Americas the Spanish discovered a variety of empires that had been as giant and populous as those in Europe. However, … Read More