PhD start seminar: Reflection and action in desk crits: An exploration of scholars’ training in design studio schooling

exploration startBy the tip of the Age of Exploration, Spain would rule from the Southwestern United States to the southernmost reaches of Chile and Argentina. António de Abreu (c.1480–c.1514) and Francisco Serrão (14?–1521) led the first direct European fleet into the Pacific Ocean (on its western edges), through the Sunda Islands, reaching the Moluccas. Diogo Cão (c.1452 –c.1486) who found and ascended the Congo River and reached the coasts of the present-day Angola and Namibia; Bartolomeu Dias (c. 1450–1500), who was the primary European to succeed in the Cape of Good Hope and different components of the South African coast.

This included Juan Ponce de León (1474–1521), who found and mapped the coast of Florida; Vasco Núñez de Balboa (c. 1475–1519), who was the first European to view the Pacific Ocean from American shores (after crossing the Isthmus of Panama) confirming that America was a separate continent from Asia; Aleixo Garcia … Read More