Will Someone Please Buy This Biggest And Baddest Of Gee Bee Air Racers?!

geebee model r

Some sources point out that she was utilized in the Spanish Civil War and survived World War 2 altogether, somewhere in Spain. The Model C Sportster sported a Menasco in-line piston engine – fairly the departure from the earlier radial piston choices. Similarly, the Model D Sportster was also given a Menasco in-line piston engine, this too being misplaced in a crash occurring in July of 1936. Pilot Channing Seabury was killed whereas making an attempt to bail out of the doomed aircraft. The third model was misplaced in February of 1931, killing pilot Johnny Kytle.

Thanks for the fantastic work, and when we look at these pioneer aircraft we will still see the theories working today. As you state, some aircraft needed to be ‘flown’ continuously, I recall the Sopwith Camel had similar points but its stability challenges also made it very quick when it was time to maneuver. … Read More