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concept of space

8. Generation of mass

The right side of model (5) as the energy-momentum content of house-timeframe leads to the “warping of house-time construction” as common relativity suggests. It is important to notice that presently there isn’t a complete concept of dynamics, which can describe change phenomenon where action is conserved.

The area-time phenomenon was the new subject of long debates between Newtonian and Leibniz physics [19, 20]. Later, Kant analyzed Newtonian and Leibniz area-time ideas within his metaphysical principles. Kant’s metaphysical understanding of area-time was near the Newtonian absolute space and time representation. In accordance with Kant’s metaphysics, “house and time are substances in their very own right (as Newtonian absolute house) they usually exist independently of all objects and relations” [19].

In dynamical events, comprising non-uniform conservation of vitality inside area-timeframe cannot be any static state of rest or uniform movement, accepted as a reference body. The static vitality … Read More