Jazz and Blues—Who Knew!

rhytm and blues

Musical impression

“Hound Dog”, with its unmodified 12-bar structure (in both concord and lyrics) and a melody centered on flatted third of the tonic (and flatted seventh of the subdominant), is a blues song remodeled right into a rock and roll track. Jerry Lee Lewis’s fashion of rock and roll was closely influenced by the blues and its by-product boogie woogie. His type of music was not precisely rockabilly but it has been typically called real rock and roll (this is a label he shares with several African American rock and roll performers). Musically, spirituals were a descendant of New England choral traditions, and particularly of Isaac Watts’s hymns, mixed with African rhythms and name-and-response forms. Spirituals or non secular chants in the African-American group are a lot better documented than the “low-down” blues.

Spiritual singing developed as a result of African-American communities might gather for mass or worship gatherings, which had been referred to as camp conferences. Blues performers corresponding to John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters continued to perform to enthusiastic audiences, inspiring new artists steeped in conventional blues, similar to New York–born Taj Mahal. John Lee Hooker blended his blues type with rock elements and playing with younger white musicians, making a musical style that can be heard on the 1971 album Endless Boogie. B. B. King’s singing and virtuoso guitar technique earned him the eponymous title “king of the blues”. During this era, Freddie King and Albert King often played with rock and soul musicians (Eric … Read More