Antarctica discovery: Century-previous letter reveals shock discover after first exploration

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Careers in oceanography—a changing world

He was informed to sail around the Arctic Ocean north of Russia, into the Pacific and to the Far East. Hudson could not continue his voyage as a result of ice that had plagued his earlier voyages, and plenty of others before him. Having heard rumors by way of Jamestown and John Smith, he and his crew decided to try to search out a Southwest Passage through North America. Juan Ponce de León was a Spanish conquistador hailing from Valladolid, Spain.

A moral panic involves an extreme response to a perceived threat, usually resulting in a suspension of community norms in hope of purifying the social body of the supply of moral pollution. But it is an oversimplification to construe this as a simple eruption of irrationality right into a neighborhood that’s in any other case rationally legislated and ably administered, for there are at … Read More