The Head of Nation: 'We Will Introduce the Concept of the Space Child Tax'

concept of spaceThis chapter presents a new look to the conservation laws and suggests a model for discrete non-uniform localization of power portions (quanta?s) within conjugated house and time phases. The model connects electromagnetism with the space-time and exhibits that electromagnetic energy is the Planck? s scale product of the era of uneven house and time phases. In the reverse order, on the Black Hole? s scale with complete consumption of electromagnetic energy, decay of area-time-frame takes place with accumulation of power in digital house section, which translates power to the background within the form of gravitation.

The space-time phenomenon was the hot topic of long debates between Newtonian and Leibniz physics [19, 20]. Later, Kant analyzed Newtonian and Leibniz house-time ideas inside his metaphysical principles. Kant’s metaphysical understanding of area-time was near the Newtonian absolute area and time representation. In accordance with Kant’s metaphysics, “area and time are substances in their … Read More