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All inner combustion engines generate substantial noise (and engine exhaust) and require routine upkeep. In the “scale-R/C” neighborhood, glow-engines have lengthy been the mainstay until recently. The construction of flying fashions differs from that of most static models as both weight and power (and the resultant power-to-weight ratio) are major issues.

Free flight (F/F) model aircraft fly with out exterior control from the ground. The aircraft should be arrange earlier than flight in order that its management surfaces, and weight permit stable flight.

Class ‘D’ 60 measurement pace planes can simply attain speeds nicely in excess of one hundred fifty MPH. Legendary speed aircraft flyers of the Forties-Nineteen Fifties include Carl ‘Babe’ Hall and Pat Massey both from Texas. Air Trials journal April 1952 highlights these two gentlemen with their Golden Rod speed planes. John Ballard from Louisville Kentucky is one other residing legend in the pace flying enviornment. John … Read More