Globalization, Communication and the Concept of Space in Global History

concept of spaceHere we could present that the non-uniform conservation of power leads to the understanding of electron self-interplay downside as well. By literature information [33, 34], the electron mass and spin may be identified with the energy and angular momentum of the electromagnetic self-interaction.

Therefore, house and time variables, carrying the same parts of vitality, have very asymmetric boundaries, which is the driving drive for choice of the path in non-uniform distribution of energy. The energy-matter translation given by relation (9) doesn’t rely time section of vitality conservation and locality of the produced particles, whereas photons-leptons translation takes place in the summary area. Equation (9) could be the discrete translation of power within the type of infinite fluctuations of the background quantum state. It is obvious that in this case there isn’t any natural way for breaking of the continuous symmetry of discrete fluctuations, forming time independent infinite symmetry of matter-antimatter … Read More