Space Law and res communis

concept of spaceAt background Planck scale, the area-time appears within annihilation of house and time phases in the type of matter and antimatter annihilation. This transformation leads to the consumption of photons energy by generated area-time frame with formation of matter and expansion of it in house-time-frame. In accordance with our concept, spontaneous symmetry breaking is the change of time section to house-timeframe with the technology of mass, carrying discrete conservation of power.

Dark matter isn’t a baryonic matter and has no non-virtual area-time-frame. Matter could have observance when it has non-virtual house-timeframe.

The conventional idea of continuous power conservation, described by Noether’s time independent body “power can be neither created and not be destroyed, nevertheless it transforms from one kind to another” just isn’t a whole concept, while it describes conservation of energy within the type of time impartial symmetry in abstract space, just like Newton’s abstract house. It does not … Read More