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concept of spaceIt is necessary to notice that the above-mentioned strategy describes quantum degree interactions without area-time-frame. For instance, Dirac equation describes vitality-momentum relation, spin, and position for a degree particle.

The general relativity has the identical problem. The importance of native position arises from the non-uniform conservation of power, localized in area-time field through change of space and time coordinates of a local position. Time takes its origin solely from discrete vitality conservation cycle and begins when energy, accumulated in time section, translated to the formation and enlargement of area-timeframe with change interplay, controlling the boundary of area-time framework. Due to the relation of movement to the discrete native frame of space-time, description of time only by unitary intervals leads to the uncertainty.

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In accordance with Eqs. ((1)–(three)), the portion of energy, consumed for locality of a zero mass virtual particle in space-time frame, can be described as “transformation … Read More


concept of spaceIn accordance with the vitality conservation principle, body of references comprise the set of house-time coordinates and the difference between such a body of reference must be related to the power, distributed in house-time construction of that reference frames. As we have shown [1, 2, three, four], to be the same reference frame, these frames ought to have the identical energy/momentum relation. It is obvious that when vitality utilized to the techniques is completely consumed, all reference frames moved from some state of fixed velocity by utility of energy, and have to “fall again” to the preliminary state for restoration of vitality.

On this foundation, matter-antimatter annihilation ends on the matter formation phase. The quantity of energy repulsed after matter generation phase is lower than initial quantity of applied power. That is why the repulsive vitality within the form of electromagnetic pressure is not translational invariant. − 1) determines the … Read More

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concept of spaceand spin one performance of bosons is generated from trade interactions to hold discrete symmetry by way of translation of vitality to area-time area. The full recovery of discrete symmetry of a fermionic particle involves two items of full cycle between discrete exchanges of quarks inside n-p frame. Our idea describes space-time in a brand new representation, liable for symmetry breaking.

Newton’s first legislation is legitimate solely in inertial frame of reference, but the inertial frame itself wants situation to be in a state of uniform motion. We can increase the above-mentioned dialogue on power sources for uniform motion of time independent inertial frame as nicely, which also has to comply with rules of power conservation. Here appears one necessary query, which needs clarification. If totally different frames of reference have totally different uniform velocities, there shouldn’t be any preference in number of the particular reference body.

In accordance with … Read More