How to Identify a Permit-Required or Alternate Confined Space

alternate spaceApollo lands on a “Red Moon” because the house race continues in “For All Mankind,” the new series from Ronald D. Moore. So begins the disclaimer on the end of each episode of “For All Mankind.” The house race drama, which debuts on Friday (Nov. 1) with the brand new Apple TV+ streaming service, explores how NASA’s Apollo program might have unfolded in another way if it had been the Soviet Union — and never the United States — that had landed the primary human to walk on the moon 50 years in the past. NASA’s Apollo missions to the moon play out in another way in the wake of a Soviet lunar touchdown within the new Ronald D. Moore sequence “For All Mankind,” debuting Nov. 1 on the Apple TV+ service. Located on the outskirts of Central, Parallel is relaunching its 1st venue, Alternate Space. A 2400 sqft shophouse … Read More