The idea of space in the context of the therapeutic relationship

concept of spaceConversion of vitality from one kind to a different doesn’t involve invariant translation. The non-uniform conservation of energy requires existence of “three particles tandem” solely in discrete mode. The Exclusion Principle on existence of a particle in a certain energy state does not contemplate power conservation principle and doesn’t involve time ingredient of the conserved vitality to keep a particle at this power state.

However, this situation takes place only in discrete mode. This is the mechanism of technology arrow of time. Therefore, the phenomenon referred to as entropy is as a result of translation of time part power to the house-time frame with the loss of frequency of vitality. Due to the maximum frequency of time phase vitality prior to now and consumption of energy in area part, the parameter known as “entropy” has its minimum worth prior to now. Hestenes [34] showed that spin might arise from helical … Read More