Spatial turn: On the idea of house in cultural geography and literary concept

concept of spaceThis turns into related e.g. in intercultural studies. The idea of “geographical space” is a relational one. It acquires meaning and sense solely when related to different ideas. The idea of “area” may be conceived as a supplement to things, i.e. substantively conceived objects.

Concept Learning

From model (5) and Eqs. (10) and (eleven), it is adopted that photons vitality could also be conserved only by way of exchange interplay with the non-zero mass particles. By quantum mechanics, two fermion particles can not occupy the same quantum power state.

Our concept means that the legal guidelines of nature comprise easy deterministic formulation of area-time, which holds conservation of energy in a singular way by way of non-spontaneous background translations of space-time phases. The consumption of vitality photons by the house-time matter with the enlargement of house generates backup response, which turns into the origin of gravity. don’t form space-timeframe and … Read More

Spatial flip: On the concept of area in cultural geography and literary principle

concept of spaceThis considerations, primarily, the progressive motion from externality to internality, then from the objectivity of nature to the subjectivity of the spirit, and hence the transition from mechanism to life as the most direct expression of the thought. It is from throughout the framework of such a basic speculative perspective that we should consider the concept of space, and engage with Hegel’s 1801 work, Dissertatio de orbitis planetarum. The focus will then shift to how Hegel’s system was first traced out in Jena between 1803-1805, before the break with Schelling, and the “phenomenological disaster of the system”. The climax of this recognition may be recognized in Hegel’s exposition of 1804-1805 in which he validates the idea of ideality – or abstractness – of space and time as separate forms, i.e. thought-about per se. The reality of house-time becomes the being of time in house and the being of house in … Read More