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astronomy newsThis Hubble image taken by University of Virginia astronomer Craig Sarazin of the nearby elliptical galaxy Messier 105 (also called NGC 3379) is at present the Hubble Space Telescope Picture of the Week (January 7 – 11). A composite image exhibiting the distribution of darkish matter, galaxies and sizzling fuel in a merging galaxy cluster taken with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope in Hawaii. Since Galileo’s time, astronomy has made nice strides, but, surprisingly, as late as the 1920’s, astronomers have been nonetheless debating about whether different galaxies have been simply close by nebulae, or in the event that they have been faraway “island universes,” made up of billions of stars. The first planets exterior our Solar System were not found until 1991, and we didn’t discover any planets round normal stars until 1995.

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