Why did the Europeans discover the world?

exploration discoveryIt ended when de SolĂ­s and some of his crew disappeared when exploring a River Plate river in a ship, but what it discovered re-ignited Spanish interest, and colonization started in 1531. The third expedition by Columbus in 1498 was the start of the first profitable Castilian (Spanish) colonization in the West Indies, on the island of Hispaniola. Despite rising doubts, Columbus refused to accept that he had not reached the Indies. During the voyage he discovered the mouth of the Orinoco River on the north coast of South America (now Venezuela) and thought that the large quantity of contemporary water coming from it might solely be from a continental land mass, which he was sure was the Asian mainland. An settlement was reached in 1494, with the Treaty of Tordesillas that divided the world between the 2 powers.

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