Evrim announces the start of exploration and drilling at Ball Creek

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Carthaginean exploration of Western Africa

Modern 3D seismic expertise significantly eases the interpretation of information. Organize a gaggle of colleagues with financial, business and technical talents who wish to begin an impartial oil exploration firm. Your objective in forming the company is to find subsurface traps that might contain petroleum deposits. As a first step, hold discussions about drilling sites which are available for lease and the feasibility of profiting from finding and promoting crude oil to an oil company for refining. As a greater diversity of world luxurious commodities entered the European markets by sea, earlier European markets for luxurious goods stagnated.

The Standby Target is located in the northern portion of the 5 mile lengthy (8 kms) Standby-Bloody Gulch-Lookout Trend, and represents the southern extension of the Homestake Corridor, which contains tightly folded and thickened iron formation, the gold-host rock, cut by numerous main northwest trending, steep, mineralized … Read More