Getting Started in Aerobatics

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Based at Southeast Aero Services, supplier for the Extra Aircraft. We have six Certified Flight Instructors that educate our UARC (Upset Attitude Recovery Course) and Competition Aerobatics Course. Rampage Flight Acadamy is a training supplier created with a brand new perspective! Our mission is to show superior plane handling abilities and develop a coaching program that gives our clients with a fun, protected, and individually custom-made experience.

somorris Pattern Altitude

Specialist designs such as the Pitts Special, the Extra 200 and 300, and the Sukhoi Su-26M and Sukhoi Su-29 purpose for final aerobatic performance. This comes on the expense of common purpose use such as touring, or ease of non aerobatic handling corresponding to touchdown. At a more basic level, aerobatic capable aircraft, such because the Cessna 152 Aerobat or the R2160 Acrobin, could be twin function—equipped to carrying passengers and luggage, in addition to being able to primary aerobatic … Read More