Expeditions and Discoveries: Sponsored Exploration and Scientific Discovery within the Modern Age

exploration discoveryThe new commodities additionally brought on social change, as sugar, spices, silks and chinawares entered the luxurious markets of Europe. Trade with European powers and the Japanese brought in large amounts of silver, which then changed copper and paper banknotes as the frequent medium of exchange in China. During the last decades of the Ming the circulate of silver into China was tremendously diminished, thereby undermining state revenues and certainly the whole Ming economic system.

Still life and trade in the Dutch golden age. Yale University Press.

For centuries slave and gold trade routes linking West Africa with the Mediterranean handed over the Western Sahara Desert, controlled by the Moors of North Africa. From the 8th century until the 15th century, the Republic of Venice and neighbouring maritime republics held the monopoly of European trade with the Middle East.

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