How Much Is the Original Starry Night Worth?

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One of the standouts among the museum’s 150,000 treasures is “The Starry Night” — the famous 1889 work by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh that captures a view of southern France from his sanatorium room window. In the 17th century, the Dutch were among the world’s leaders in trade, science, army may and artwork. This period — known as the Dutch Golden Age — is preserved at the Rijksmuseum, a Dutch nationwide museum in Amsterdam.

In 1800, the Mona Lisa was hung in Napoleon’s bed room, and in 4 years it was moved to the Louvre, which it nonetheless calls house. “Is this the skull of the Mona Lisa? Bones found at web site of alleged mannequin’s burial”.

Arts, fame, expertise, all these mix along with subjectivity in excessive doses, which makes it troublesome to gauge how one artist is bigger than another or which one is best. In different words, it’s nearly impossible to outline one of the best or probably the most famous, however historical past normally could possibly be of more than somewhat help on the matter. They use it to gas their creativity and make work that resonates with others. Anyone may be an artist, however you’ll be able to recognize a great artist by how their work makes others really feel. Most artists don’t create as a result of they wish to, they create because they should.

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